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The prostate rehabilitator

    The prostate rehabilitator use small dosage high frequencies wave and periodicity magnetism pulse transmit prostate alternately, penetrate through the prostate envelope, the high high frequencies wave energy reach the inner tissue, improve the tissue metabolize and the body immunity ability effectively.

  Repair the damaged tissue, diminish inflammation, ease pain ,improve the micro-blood circulation, improve the activity of local blood and lymph tissue and defencing cell, etc immunity system. Its core theory is high frequency (not hot effectiveness) cure theory, it work at chronic prostatitis, prostate enlargement, prostate hyperplasia, emiction block, sex ability decline, etc. It is very convenience for using, You needn't push the jounce button and the music button in the using of rehabilitator. the music is useless in the curing, the jounce voice is too loud and it noise too. The temperature button only need to turn to zero degree, because the temperature is useless in cure, it only let you don't feel cold in the winter. The real effective cure is the probe wave, when you turn on the rehabilitator, put the probe to you ear, you can hear the low voice of the high frequency wave and periodicity magnetism pulse, it is the real work. Put the probe to you perineum , when you go to bed, adjust to 30 minutes or 40 minutes time, so when you go sleep, the rehabilitator can turn off automatically . You only need to use the rehabilitator once or twice in a day, only use it when you go to bed.

    Such as your prostate pain, you only need to use 30 minutes for one time , the pain will release at once.

Chinese patent89216452.2         


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