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What will the prostatitis patients ought to be pay more attention in the living?

1.Ride bike or motorcycle and drive car  

 Riding bike or motorcycle frequently is easy to cause the prostatitis without bacteria infection,  you ought to adjust the seat, use the soft seat, don't ride too long. After riding, you can sit in the warm water to stimulate the prostate blood circulation. If you feel uncomfortable in your prostate, you ought to stop riding . If the symptom is serious, you ought to find doctor to cure, use the prostate rehabilitator to stimulate the prostate blood circulation. Driving car bump frequently will press prostate too, you had better spread a hard cushion (such as bamboo cushion) on it, so prevent all the arse sink in the soft cushion, prevent the cushion press the prostate directly.


You had better wear the natural pure cotton textile underpants. Because the man make textile is not good for the semen produce, the polyester textile under pants can make the electrostatic to depress  the sex ability. living

 The prostatitis ought to reserve sex living, don't sex overly. Moderate sex can help to drain out the inflammation prostate secretion. But excessive sex will make the prostate congest overly, and it will use more kidney energy too, it make against the prostatitis recover. Self-abuse overly and restrain not to ejaculate in the sex will cause  prostatitis too. After ejaculation, you had better use warm water to wash away the sperm, because the sperm has enrich nutrition, so it is easy to become the bacteria culture medium, it will make the bacteria grow more quickly and reinfection.

4. Prevent catch a cold 

Prostatitis patients long illness make the kidney energy weaken, it is easy to catch a cold, so you ought to do some exercise every day, improve the resistance. Don't sleep on the bamboo matting , because the bamboo matting diathermancy  is good, it is easy cause the haunch (kidney) catch a cold, and it will make the prostatitis symptom serious. So suggest you only sleep on the straw mat or cloth mattress.  Don't sit on the cold stone for a long time, because the cold will make the sympathetic nerve excitation, so it will cause the urethra inner pressure improve and cause urine refluence.

5.Stop eating the improper foods for prostate disease

No smoking (If you can't stop, try not to smoke so much ). Stop drinking, stop piquancy foods (such as capsicum ,ginger ,garlic, pepper ,etc) , stop eating  fried foods, bacon, and flame broiled meat.( because the temperature  is about 300 celsius degree, so the protein had been denaturalization , the protein had been hot. If you cook it by water , the temperature will not exceed 100 celsius degree. If you use the  micro-wave oven  to cook the meat, the temperature will exceed 100 celsius degree too, so it is hot.) Stop eating chanticleer, dog, pig's knuckle, donkey, tortoise ,cow, sheep, ginseng, pilose antler, Equus asinus L,longan,lichee , bamboo shoot,onion,mushroom( mushroom kinds of food will cause prostate swell),areca and  all the sea and river animal ( such as fish, tortoise, shrimp, crab, etc). Stop eating all the  hot chinese medicine. After you recover, you have to continue to  stop eating these food for 3 months, in order to solidify. This is the whole body treatmnet,  regard the whole body 's the former feminine and negative, don't eat the food that make against prostatitis recovered. The foods that I suggest you eating is : (1) You can eat meat involve the pig's muscle, heart, kidney, lung ,tongue, stomach,  the duck, the chicken and hen, egg, the quail, the pigeon, the snake, the cat, milk, animal blood (after boiling). (2)Vegetable:  except the leek, the cushaw , the onion , the aubergine ,the  bamboo shoot and the garlic , you can eat all the others vegetable.(3) Fruit: except the lichee, the longan, the mango, the durian and the tree pineapple, you can eat all the others fruit.(4)All the corn  and the legume foods can be eaten.  Such as cereals, rice, potato,  pasta, sugar and  tea can be eaten. But the coffee and chocolate is a little hot. The sea animals can't be eaten, but the sea plants can be eated, such as the kelp and the laver can be eaten.(5)Bread in particular is cooked at a high temperature by baking, but the bread primary ingredient is amylum , amylum is not easy to change into  hot food in high temperature, and the protein is easy change into to hot food in high temperature. If the bread is not very burnt, so you can eat the bread. If the bread is very burnt (such as it it had been black), it will be hot food too. (6) Do some cooking method: when you cook rice, pork, etc, you have to pour water to boil, the water is boil at 100  Celsius degree, the temperature won't above 100  Celsius degree. If you boil with heavy-fisted boiler, there are so much water in it, although the temperature is above 100 degree, the protein will not change its quality. Protein is easy be burnt in high and dry condition, if  the  meat turn black and yellow , it must be hot food, such as barbecue chicken. If you stir-fry the pork by plant oil, because the oil is under the pork, the oil can suffer very high temperature and won't change its quality, so the oil protect the pork not to change its quality. Such as you can stir-fry the vegetable with peanut butter . You can make a stew with chicken ,rice and vegetables . The oil can suffer very high temperature and never change it's quality, the amylum take second place suffer temperature, such as you can eat the hamburger (the bread main component is amylum), but if the bread had been baked to black, it will be hot food too. And the protein can't suffer high temperature without water, such as you bake the chicken , the protein is easy change its quality. Peanut oil , olive oil ,canola oil, soybean oil, palm fruit, can be eaten with do some cooking.

Don't sit on the soft sofa for long time. Men are sit on the buttocks and supported  by hucklebone, so the hard seat can't touch perineum , so it won't press the prostate, and the scrotum hang between two thigh. But if you sit on the sofa, the hucklebone will sink down in the soft sofa, so the sofa will press the perineum and prostate directly. The sofa will surround and press the scrotum too, when the scrotum be pressed too long, it will cause the vein  circumfluence block, so it will cause varicocele. Sit in the sofa too long, the scrotum can adjust its temperature, so the testicle temperature will rise, so it make disadvantage for testicle to produce sperm. So men can't sit on the soft sofa for long time, had better to spread a hard cushion on the sofa. You had better sit on the wood chair at the daytime, if you sit too long and feel uncomfortable, you can practise Qigong and use prostate rehabilitator to stimulate prostate blood circulation, the uncomfortable will disappear soon.



  It is very important to prevent prostatitis in daily life:
1. Keep the health of the body and psychology, body-building, keep away from depressing spirits. This is the foundation to keep the normal human immune ability.
2. Keep regular lives, Try your best to avoid the following prostatitis inducements:
1). Avoid indulgencing on sex, frequent masturbation, but can't be ascetic.
2). Prevent from riding the bicycle/ horse for a long time, burning the planks, etc.
3). Don't drink too much; especially don't keep to the bottle.
4). Avoid catching cold, sitting on the moist place.
5). Pay attention to the hygiene of sex.
6). Once be infected, especially the urethritis, should be treated in time, don't delay. Eat few stimulating food, eat more food that can supply beneficial microelement for body.


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