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     I was ever been a prostatitis patient for seven years.  I had seen many prostate department famous doctors in china , had used many methods, but I can't recover. In recent two years, I took Chinese medicine of one Chinese prostate hospital medicine every day, it only can relieve my pain ,I wasn't cured. Recently ,I visited a famous prostate disease  research institute. (They said that the cure rate is 85%. ) I was enlightened by their method. And I used new treatment plan which I synthesized seven years experience. By this way ,I was recovered only in one month .All the symptom disappear, and the prostate secretion test wasn't found bacteria, the white blood cell in the secretion is normal. The whole body felt relaxed ,the idea of committing suicide all gone. And I felt the life is so beautiful and valuable. It is said that a prolonged illness makes a doctor of patient. When you have this illness, you can learn from experience, and choose the best cured way. Absorb the good points of the every doctors ,and create the new way. As a recovered prostatitis patient, I know the pain of prostatitis patient deeply. So I like to share my experience with the prostatitis cyber acquaintance.

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 The follow  prostatitis patients pictures can be enlarged:

picture 1     DSCN1036.jpg (55407 ֽ)      The American San Francisco prostatitis patient Joe use the ointment to apply pass head acupoint effect picture, he felt it  work and introduce some American patients to use my green therapy.

picture 2rainer.jpg (18570 ֽ)               The Austria prostatitis patient Henze Rainer come to visit me to cure when he come to china to do some business. He had recovered by my method.

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